WE’VE GOT EXPERIENCE: We bring over 25 years of photographic experience, a strong work ethic, professional integrity and technical skill to each project. Our work is known for its precise detailed lighting, refined composition and exceptional point of view. Our photographs endeavour to capture the design intent, structure, and architectural detail that best illustrates each project to its fullest.

WE’RE A TEAM: We think that the best photographs result from a team effort. Our energetic and friendly group is involved and dedicated to working with you! We’re focused on your needs, with understanding of your project requirements every time you work with us. Attention to detail, styling, advanced digital post production and great photography are our team signature!

WE LISTEN: You and your company are unique. We want to showcase your vision and help you build your brand. Top of mind is finding a unique composition, watching for pattern, form, color, and texture, and highllighting your project in the most flattering way possible. We care about what you do and where you want to go visually.

WE SIMPLIFY: We want to make your experience in purchasing and planning for photography simple. Quick quotes, scheduling, and assistance with all the little details ensure that the photography of your project runs smoothly. From finding the perfect props to picking the magic time of day for your exterior, no detail or creative possibility is overlooked.

WE LOVE LEARNING: Photography is a balance of technical expertise and creative mastery. We’re dedicated to lifelong learning, technological advancement and professional development to keep our skills as sharp as the images we deliver.

WE LOVE TECHNOLOGY: Continuous upgrading of our computers, software and camera equipment ensures leading edge results. We're dedicated Phase One XF camera users, our huge camera sensor delivers the unmatched resolution, color depth and sparkling clarity that your images deserve.

WE DELIVER: Successful architectural photography requires a depth of technical knowledge along with a compelling visual narrative. We aim to create dramatic images to support the architecture, design and detail of your project. High quality dynamic images have an immediate and positive effect on the viewer, your investment in professional photography won't go unrewarded!

  • •PPOC, Professional Photographers of Canada
  • •PPOC-Alberta, Alberta Professional Photographers Association